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Theater Seats

General Admission Prices

Matinee Prices
(before 6:00pm)
General Admission: $7.75
Child (11 & Under): $6.50
Senior (62 & Older): $7.00
3D General Admission: $9.75
3D Child (11 & Under): $8.75
3D Senor (62 & Older): $8.75

Evening Prices
(after 6:00pm)
General Admission: $9.75
Child (11 & Under): $6.50
Senior (62 & Older): $7.50
3D General Admission: $11.75
3D Child (11 & Under) $8.75
3D Senor (62 & Older): $8.75

The Metropolitian Opera
Adult: $24.00
(62 & Older)
Encores: $18.00
Special Events

Special Event pricing varies from event to event. Please See Event information for specific event details.

Please Note: All Discounted prices must be mentioned at the time of purchase; no discount will be given after a ticket is sold. Special event pricing may vary. Please see our Events Page for more information on particular special events.


Gift Cards

Can't find the perfect gift for someone? Buy them a Palace 9 gift card!

Gift Cards are available at our box office. They are wonderful presents, easy to use, and can be used to purchase both tickets and concession items. Cards can be purchased for $10.00 or more - choose the amount that's right for you!

Note: we accept cash, Visa, & MasterCard and we have an ATM conviently located in our lobby!

Advertise on our screens!

Pre-Show On-Screen ads:
Get YOUR message across!

Have your ad presented along side entertaining movie related trivia as movie patrons wait for their movie to begin! The average attendee is seated 19 minutes before showtime!

Undisturbed by advertising clutter, your full color, billboard size ad gets the full attention of moviegoers.

Frequent repetition of your message ensures moviegoers will see and remember your ad!

Your advertisment will be shown on every screen, every day, before every movie!

For more info, contact us at 878-5090 or e-mail us at

Did you know?
question markThe term 'B Movie' originally referred to a film made on a low or modest budget to supplement a more publicized, expensive production when showcasing a double feature. The term still is used to refer to low-budget films.
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Movie Ratings Policies
We adhere and practice the policies of the movie rating system established by the MPAA. For more information on on movie ratings, click here.
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